Monday, November 06, 2006

Are you a nursing mom?

Quick question. Any mom's out there that have used cloth breast pads? I currently use disposables (Lansinoh) but am considering using cloth/re-useables. What brands/types would you recommend (for med. to heavy flow)?


serina said...

I made my own out of hemp/cotton fleece fabric I had leftover from another project. They were great, but I won't lie to ya: they leaked if I didn't change them enough, and I made the circles too small (read: outlines through the bra and shirt).

I've also used wool nursing pads--they're even better. Check out the selection here. The wool nursing pads I bought were from here.

Joyce said...

I have used several different brands with my first child. The Medela, Lansinoh and Gerber brands. The Medela ones by far were the best for heavy/medium flow and were the biggest. They wash well(I even throw them in the dryer and have had no problems) and they are soft. They saved my sainity because I was allergic to the only brand of disposables we could find at our local store!

I have on hand at least 16 pads which might make it through a week (if I'm having a good week... if not it's a specail load of laundry or washing them in the sink!) I'm planning on buying more for my next child (due any day now... but more likely he'll come at the end of the month) Just so I don't have to worry about having enough to make it through a week! Hope that helps.