Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Home remedy for ear ache

I had mentioned earlier today that our family has endured a lot of sickness this Christmas season. One of the most recent illnesses has been a nasty sinus infection. Unfortunately, all five of us got it, just not all at the same time (praise be to God!). RD and Cassandra seem to have gotten hit the worst. They are currently on the path of recovery.

Anywho's... to boot, Cassandra's cutting her first two bottom front teeth. They are right there at the entry gate but not quite through the surface. Yesterday, she had a fever of 100.6F, green runny nose, and was starting to pull at her ears (as though they were achey).

I've been hearing a lot about natural healing/home remedies and have sort of been interested in checking it out, but have been overwhelmed with the information available. I knew my midwife with Cassandra's birth was into it so I gave her a call. She had me try garlic. Sounds crazy, but it worked!

Garlic for Ear Aches
-Bring to body temperature this mixture: 4 drops olive oil to 1 drop garlic juice and rub on ear

I combined 12 drops of olive oil to 4 drops of freshly pressed garlic juice, mixed it well, dipped a Q-tip in it, and swabbed the whole outside of the ear (anything exposed; avoiding the ear canal). It worked like a charm. In a matter of like 20 mins., she was back to the happy, cooing baby she normally is. It worked, but Cassandra sure was fragrant. WOW! We kept calling her our little "stir-fry" last night. ha ha ha. Two applications over the span of an evening and we haven't had any signs or symptoms of an ear ache with her since.

My midwife also suggested drops called CBG that you can purchase at a health food store. The drops are for any age and can be dropped in the ear or taken internally. She says she is never without it- that it works fantastic. I think we'll look into it.

Anyone else into herbal remedies? I'd love to talk with you. Please respond.

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