Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Merry (Belated) Christmas

WOO-HOO! I'm getting my own sling!!! This is the one I'm getting, thanks to the coolest sister in the world. Thanks so much, Cyndi. What a surprise! Maybe we'll start a trend here in Peru!


serina said...

Gorgeous! So happy for you! You'll love it.

I was going to comment when you posted pictures of you and Cassandra wearing Cyndi's sling--make sure you get the right size. The sling you were wearing was far too big for you--the baby should be no lower than your natural waistline. I suspect that sling might be too big for Cyndi, too, once she has her baby out of her belly and into her sling.

Post a pic of you and Cassandra in your new sling and I can give you some sizing feedback. (It's kind of my thing.)

Again, so excited for you!

Mel said...

"No lower than your natural waistline?"... hmmm... Both the sling I was wearing in the pic and the one I'll soon be getting are both Med./Large- room for RD and for me if/hen I'm pregnant again. It's adjustable so I can put it on the smallest setting and see how it looks. I'll e-mail you a pic with the new size adjustment. Thanks for the info!

MamaSMorgan said...

I just bought this very same sling!! Same color even. I think I may have gotten the idea from your blog before. Did you talk about it on Patriarch's Wives?
Kathy in TX