Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My sweet hubby

Ok... I just want to take a moment and brag about what a wonderful and thoughtful hubby I have. A long while back, I briefly asked for a tanning package to boost my moods. It's pretty dark here in this basement apartment. I've heard and read lots of stuff that suggests tanning if your feeling blue. Something about tanning beds increasing your vitamin D levels which make you feel better... Anyways, I had briefly mentioned it several months ago not realizing that RD took a mental note. Well, come this past Valentine's Day, RD comes home from work and at the bottom of the mail pile he brought home was a T-shirt from Exotic Tans and an appointment card. Woo hoo!!! RD is so not into celebrating Hallmark holidays so I wasn't expecting anything. He sure surprised me! What a sweetheart! Love you, babe!

I crack up every time I read the sign for Exotic Tans... "We make you look good!"... what, like I need help or something? Kinda like Maybelline ads... "Maybe she's born with it"... or maybe she really needs help and therefore "Maybe it's Maybelline".

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