Thursday, May 24, 2007

Watch Out!

I don't know how any of you ladies feel about the chicken pox vaccine, but that is one that RD and I have chosen NOT to give our children. Well, today I went in to give Cassandra her immunizations and the Health Department tried to slip in the Chicken Pox vaccine with her MMR. It was called "Vericella". At all of our past visits to the "Shot Doc", we have declined the Chicken Pox vaccine (then having to endure the "bad mom" glances from the receptionist). But today, there was no asking at all. They were simply going to slip it in unannounced. I wouldn't even have caught it if I hadn't seen her shuffle the immunization info pages together for me to take home. Good thing I said something because the nurse was just about to make the MMR/Vericella mix in the back room. If any of you are thinking about declining the Chicken Pox vaccine, WATCH OUT. I even read some stuff this afternoon that here soon the MMR-V will automatically be mixed with Vericella. You may have to specifically ask for MMR-V alone (if they'll even make it). RD and I have been meaning to do some research on immunizations because we just don't know how we feel about it all. But the Chicken Pox is a definite NO. Our Dr. even said that it wasn't necessary unless your child doesn't get the actual Chicken Pox virus by age 10. After that, they could possibly contract it as shingles, which is WAY worse than Chicken Pox. Just an FYI for you ladies as you take your kiddos in to be vaccinated.


Deven said...

Katy got both of those together, and she ended up getting a mild case of measles!! I talked to some other moms at church, and the same thing had happened to two other babies around the same time. However, one of them had received those separately and suffered no negative reactions. I think we'll still get both vaccines because of me being a teacher, but next time I will definitely getting separately.

Megan said...

Thanks for the heads-up

Naila said...

Just out of curiosity, why are you avoiding the vaccine? My siblings and I all caught the disease, survived, and it was fine, so I didn't even realize there was a vaccine for chicken pox now.