Tuesday, May 27, 2008


After much prayer and research, RD and I have recently made the informed decision to no longer circumcise our boys. Benjamin was circumcised simply because "that's what everyone does" and we don't want him to "look different". Even then I remember thinking it was a cruel, pointless, and unnecessary procedure but had done little research on the subject. So out of ignorance, we "went with the flow". Looking back on it, we both wish we would have declined that procedure.

Many people do not understand what all circumcision entails. (I know we didn't.) Albeit graphic, you can follow the link entitled "circumcision procedure" below and actually view one being performed. Oftentimes it is done without anesthetic.

Also, the literature we read concerning this topic all said that this is an unnecessary procedure nowadays, especially considering people's keener awareness of basic hygiene. One of the biggest arguments we've come across is "cleanliness"- that's it's too difficult to keep clean and can cause infections. But if a little boy can be taught to brush his teeth, comb his hair, and shower, then we believe he's smart and capable enough to know how to clean his private area. (And, honestly, how can an uncircumcised boy be harder to clean than a girl?)

For anyone interested, I've supplied a few resources below.


Mothers Against CIRC

CIRC information

Circumcision procedure

more circ. info


simplyserina said...

Good for you. Our son is not circ'ed, either.

Just be sure that no one tries to retract his foreskin - just don't let anyone, including doctors, go near that area. They have no need to. He will retract it on his own at the right time.

TLC Tugger said...

Splendid piece. Indeed, why should any newborn lack like Daddy or siblings?

You mention anesthesia, and it is truly shameful. While we have the technology to do a pretty good job of blocking the pain during the procedure, a study found that effective anesthesia is used only 1/3 of the time for US infants.

Of course no medicine can make up for the lost functionality following even a "perfect" circumcision, and nothing can ease the anguish of men with the common horrid effects you'll see if you Google "circumcision damage." Few of these common ill-effects are counted in the nonsense "low complication rates" which some doctors claim are associated with the infant procedure.