Thursday, May 29, 2008


Here's our gardening line-up for this year:

The kids and I spent most of our day today out in the garden tilling it up, weeding, planting seeds, and watering. So far we got our watermelon, peas, and lettuce planted. Still have to buy our tomato plants and rhubarb. We were wanting to grow a few more things like squash, pumpkins, and herbs... but with the baby coming and all, we decided to only grow just a few items. We also decided to till up an area for our children to play in... their own little "garden" to work in. Sandboxes are far too messy to clean up after. But dirt washes right off. WAY easier!

Another thing that I'm excited about is a couple of my girlfriends are going strawberry picking soon and have offered to pick some for me. Apparently they think I'm far too pregnant to be berry picking. ;-) (Thanks so much Rebekah and Nicole!) Freezer jam, here I come! We absolutely LOVE homemade strawberry jam in our home.

What are you ladies planting this year?!

Got any organic gardening tips?

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