Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baby update

Saw the midwife this morning and everything looks great. Baby still isn't "engaged" but it has sunk somewhat. Baby is in an anterior position, which is what is wanted for labor/delivery. That means his/her face is pointed toward my backside. Heartbeat is a healthy 144 bpm. Measured at 39 weeks. Next appointment is scheduled for (Thurs.) June 20th (unless I have that baby before then).

*Please be praying for me as I'm in these final few days before delivery:

1) that regardless of how I am feeling, I would still seek to be Christ-like (patient, gentle, self-controlled, etc.)

2) for an 'uneventful' and normal labor and delivery; calm nerves

3) for a strong/healthy baby

4) that these last few days as a family would be precious and memorable


Michelle McCallum said...

You are in my prayers! I pray for calm nerves, a easy delivery and a blessed time spent with family.

Deven said...

Being Christlike in delivery struck a chord with me. I strove for that with both of mine, both successfully according to Stephen. :) I'll pray that it will be a wonderful, God-centered experience for you and your family.

Carmine said...

Hi Mel! I love your blog :) I think it's amazing that you homebirth your children! I just watched the documentary called "the business of being born" and it really opened my eyes to the importance of homebirth. I don't have any children, and I'm not planning any yet, but I've decided I'd want to look into homebirth too! Have you seen that movie?

Mel said...

No... I've never heard of that documentary. But I'd love to watch it. We'll look for it. Thanks for the tip!
RD and I are glad that you are looking into homebirth. There is nothing like it!