Saturday, June 07, 2008

Labor progress?

Thursday night (6/5/08), as I was sitting at my computer, the baby was just kicking with all it's gusto/squirming like crazy. Finally, when he/she settled down, everything felt really heavy 'down there'. As I stood up, I also noticed I had a little more room to my lungs. I do believe my little kiddo dropped!!! :-) And... it's continued to feel 'heavy' since that time. My next appt. with the midwife is this coming Wednesday. Keep everyone posted!

Please be in prayer regarding my upcoming labor and delivery. Thanks.

*A cute moment:
The other day, Benjamin came to be with this digger/backhoe toy truck and started to gently dig at my tummy. I asked, "What on earth are you doing, son?" To which he replied, "I'm helping you, mommy. I'm digging the baby out."


Michelle McCallum said...

You are in my prayers! I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering how everything was going.

Deven said...

One step closer. I will definitely be praying for you.

ReaganF said...

Oh yay! I hope the time goes quickly as you wait for baby's grand entrance!