Tuesday, June 03, 2008

More on my garden...

Got my tomatoes planted last night: (2) cherry, (1) Roma, (4) Early Girl, and (4) Big Boy. That should keep us and RD's parents well-supplied throughout the summer. With the baby coming, we only wanted to plant that which we could eat and not worry ourselves with freezing and canning.

The kids and I are eagerly awaiting the sprouts from our watermelon, peas, and lettuce to pop out. I also looked into getting some rhubarb but apparently it can only be planted in early spring or late fall. :-( So anyways, we're going to see if we can purchase some seed and get it started indoors this summer and plant it this fall. Guess we'll have to wait one more year on that one.

Then, this week the kids and I are going to start some tin can herbs. I'll have to post their artwork when they get them completed. Should be cute.

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