Monday, June 30, 2008

More pics of Edmund

Edmund trying out his sling

A flower arrangement sent from the church.

Ok, I'm not sure who took this photo because no one will fess up. But alas, here's a taste of what my days consist of...

Cassandra for some reason has developed a strong maternal urge since she met Edmund. Here she is with her swaddled baby Edmund.

The cute

Grandma & grandpa E. holding their precious new grand baby.

Benjamin is just thrilled to have a new little brother. He loves every chance he gets to hold him. Cassandra loves him too, but she hasn't quite mastered the concept of "gentle" just yet.


Carmine said...

You look great, Mel! He is just like a little doll! So cute! Your kids are adorable!

Robin Johnson said...

Is Edmund in a Karma baby sling those are so well made! I love mine!