Thursday, July 24, 2008

Prayer Request (update III)

Well, Edmund went to the chiropractor and started taking Bifidus both on Tuesday.

The result... a new baby!

We are thrilled to report that his fussiness has gone down to normal fussy baby levels! Yea! We wanted to wait a few days to watch for growing/lasting improvement... which there has been!

Tomorrow, Edmund goes back to the chiropractor for a follow-up appointment. Apparently his spine was out of alignment and he had a couple muscle spasms that the doctor was able to work out.

We are SO thankful!

He eats better. He sleeps better. He can actually be consoled...

Thanks everyone SO much for your prayers. They were answered!


Michelle said...

So glad to hear that he is doing better!

Deven said...

That's great to hear!

Sonya said...

Thrilled to learn things are better. We thoroughly enjoyed Arianna at Apples of Gold.
I look forward to meeting your little Edmund.