Monday, August 04, 2008

Baby Tummy Massage

See here.

In light of Edmund's recent bout with gas/having an immature digestive system, one of my girlfriends sent me this link. Out of curiosity, I tried it... and it helped (esp. step three). It was interesting to learn that babies don't naturally/intuitively know how to pass gas on their own. Apparently it's a learned process that comes with maturity. Hence, we have to "help" them out as babies. ;-)

I'm interested to hear if other mommies out there have tried infant massage. What are some other techniques? Was massage successful for your babies?

*An update on our "Little Mister"... he's now had his second chiropractic visit and is doing even better!!! Yea! The doc showed me what was wrong. See, normally when he presses on both sides of a newborn's spine, it gives. It's soft. But with Edmund, when the doc presses down, he flinches, as though in pain. :-( He's got another visit at the end of this month... sooner if the fussies come back again. But since his visits to the chiropractor, we have seen a drastic change for the better in Edmund. He is seriously a different baby!

PLUS... the little chunker tipped the scales this weekend at 10-1/2 lbs!!! In just over a month, he's gained 3.5 lbs! Woo hoo! Go momma's milk!!!

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Kevin and Nikki's Baby Journey said...

Thanks for the website, I will def. try this with Sophia. I have a question, what is the herb/vitamin you use to assit with your milk supply. Sophia has decided she doesn't want to is a huge fight to get her to latch on at this point,, it's not because she can't she doesn't want to work for her meals!! At this point I am pumping majority of the time and I am looking for ways that I can increase my milk supply to be able to support her demand of feedings. Any help is greatly appreciated. So glad to her Edmund is doing better. Praise God!!!
Thnaks for all your help!
Have a blessed day,