Friday, August 22, 2008

Daily Schedules

Now that Edmund's sleeping better through the night, I've finally had the strength and energy to reestablish a daily routine with my kiddos. Thought I would share it with you. I'm also curious to hear what some of your daily routines include!

Me- Wake up:
5am-ish (for Edmund's AM feeding)
Kids- Wake up:
-morning prayers
-kids practice brushing their own teeth
-set table for breakfast
(in no particular order):
-get dressed
-make beds
-empty dishwasher/dish drainer
-brush hair
-(1) load laundry
-Weekly Home Blessing:
-Mon: meal planning
-Tues: grocery shopping
-Weds: chem. clean bathroom & misc. flat surfaces
-Thurs: vacuum & dust
-Fri: paperwork/finances
-Sat: ironing
Outdoor Play (if time allows)
-Clean-up toys & books
-Set table for lunch
Lunch: 1pm-ish
**Quiet Time/Nap Time**
(aka "Mommy Time" as this is when I do things that I can't do when the kids are up like blog, check e-mail, read, SLEEP, etc. )
Outdoor Play: 4pm-ish
-Set table for dinner
Dinner: 6:30pm-ish
**Family Time**

Bedtime Routine: 8pm-ish
-Clean-up toys & books
-Brush teeth (by mommy or daddy)
-Get in PJ's
-Dad reads the Bible & prays with kids
Kids- Bedtime: 8:30-9pm-ish

This schedule is fluid and flexible. It HAS to be with 4 kids (ages 5 and under), hence the frequent use of "ish". We do a lot of reading through the day, too, especially while I'm nursing. We've been on this schedule for the past couple of days and it seems to be working well in this season of our family's life.

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ReaganF said...

Sounds like a busy, busy day! Routines are so important! We're still trying to figure it out in our house, but we're gettng there!