Friday, August 22, 2008

Edmund & the Chiropractor

Edmund went and saw the Chiropractor again today. Doing better! The doc was able to get 3 good cracks out of him. This was actually the first visit where Edmund didn't fuss and cry when he was getting adjusted! Doc wants to see him one more time Wednesday of next week.

He is SUCH a more contented baby since he's been getting his spine adjusted. Eats better. Sleeps better. He's just a happy baby now! (Who would have guessed chiropractics would have been the answer?!) In fact, we've caught him a couple times here recently trying to make his first attempts at laughing. I can't wait to catch on video!

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lornabell said...

I am so glad to hear that Edmund is doing so much better. Who would of thought of taking him to a chiropractor would help. Praise God is was something so easy to take care of.