Friday, August 08, 2008


Yea! I'm so excited! I'm finally at that magical "6 week postpartum mark" and can start exercising again! Until now, I honestly haven't felt up to it, especially with poor sleep at night. But now that Edmund's sleeping pretty good through the night and I'm officially "healed" from a medical standpoint, I'm back at it. For a while, I want to try and daily alternate between cardio and pilates. That should help slim down some of this extra baby weight up front I'm carrying. Then, I'd like to venture into other exercise videos/routines.

What videos/routines do you ladies use? I'd love to hear from you. I'm up for anything except Tae Bo (sp?). I seriously cannot move that fast.

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Carmine said...

Hey, Melissa! I started working out this January, and hired a personal trainer to show me how to get maximum results with minumum effort! :)

I entered a fitness competition in May, and WON! Isn't that crazy? I went from couch potato to fitness fanatic, and I blog about my workouts, diet, tips, frustrations, all that stuff on my private blog- if you want, sent me your email address and I'll give you blog access. It's great to discuss this stuff with friends and get new ideas and moral support! Good luck, and GREAT JOB just taking the first step and deciding you're going to get healthy!