Saturday, August 09, 2008


I have been deeply disappointed with my garden this year! What with the baby being born I've been so busy attending to other duties. I've completely neglected my veggies! :-(

So anyway, my kids came running up to the house the other day just beaming with joy and excitement with large green and red bundles in their hands.

What in the world?!

As they drew near, I realized they were carrying beautiful vegetables!

"Where on earth did you find those?!" I asked.

No kidding, here was their response: "The poop pile!"

Out back behind our pole barn is a rather large pile of compost we use for fertilizer. With the coming of summer, this pile has just bloomed with weeds, Queen Ann's lace, clover, tall grass, etc. Much to our amazement, we have some sort of hybrid zucchini volunteer shrub thing growing... and tomatoes!

We were shocked! Me? I was thrilled! Without even trying, I've been blessed this year with summer veggies!!!

Here are pics of just some of what we've harvested thus far:

They look like baby Roma's
(the bigger one's are survivors from my neglected garden)

Look at these jumbo-sized veggies!
They grow on a vine just like squash, are fat almost like a watermelon, but look like a zucchini. They'd get even bigger if I left them on the vine, too.
Do any of you ladies know for sure what they are?

I'm gonna cut into one of these babies tonight to see just what's inside.


Cyndi said...

Crazy! I have 3 of those "mystery squash" plants growing in my garden too! They grew up - I guess from seed - when we tilled up the garden. I let several of them grow to see what they were. I was hoping watermelon - but they are more like a zucchini. White flesh. I've been scooping out the seeds and using it just like zucchini. But I don't know what they are either! That's funny!

iwuqueen said...

Those little tomatoes remind me of the grape tomatoes you can buy at the grocery store. They look tasty!


Cyndi said...

So Mel, what did you do with your unexpected veggie bounty? Don't you think it is funny how God sometimes uses the undesireable/unwanted things (like a compost pile!) to bless us! :)