Friday, August 15, 2008

Kid Project #3

Uncle Charles came back from an internship in The Big Apple yesterday (8/14) and here's what the kids made for him!

RD and I went to NYC for our anniversary a few years back and for some reason I held onto a few things like our Metro card, Circle Line card, maps, brochures, etc. I could never bear to part with them for some reason. Well, seeing as how Uncle Charles was coming back from an internship there, it seemed the most opportune time to drag all that miscellaneous memorabilia out and use it! After cutting a few pictures out, here's what the kids did with it!

Here's Uncle Charles meeting Edmund for the first time...


Carmine said...

That's cute- glad you saved all that stuff. Question: What's a circle line card? I live in NYC and I've never heard of it!

Mel said...

Circle Line is a sightseeing cruise you can take to see Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. They launch near Battery Park (where RD had to bury his swiss army knife because they wouldn't allow a "weapon" on board- ha ha ha).