Saturday, September 13, 2008

French Breakfast Puffs

On my Aug. 15th post, I shared the recipe and pics for our French Breakfast Puffs. Well, today we made them again and I wanted to share how we tweaked the recipe.

First of all, my children renamed them: French Fluffies. (I can't stop laughing!)
Second of all, for a family our size, we ended up needing to triple the recipe.
Thirdly, rather than using paper muffin cups, we sprayed our muffins tins with PAM. Worked great! They just slid right out.
Fourthly, we cut out the "topping". We figured there was enough butter, sugar, and spice IN the "fluffy" that we didn't need to add more. They tasted just as yummy.

These are just the right size, too, for little hands.

As an FYI, the batter will be rather thin. DO NOT add more flour or else they lose their "fluff".

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Bonnie said...

thanks for the tips ~ my kiddo-s LOVE this kind of breakfast. fun to try new stuff (o: I just stumbled across your blog today, always nice to see like minded mamas out there!