Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fun sewing project!

I am so excited about this!
My sister recently e-mailed me information from about how you can now purchase patterns for pouch slings! See here! For $9.99 (basic) or $14.99 (boutique), you can download the patterns and make your sling at home!
What a neat gift for new mommies!


Carmine said...

can I put my dog in it? LOL I think these baby slings are great! The other day I saw an African woman on the subway with her baby on her back! The baby was probably 2 years old, and he was sleeping so soundly and she looked comfortable! I wonder how they do that: get the kid on there, tie them in securely...I think we should bring that type of sling to North America!

MelissaD said...

Ya know... you very well could put a dog in one of these. I see ladies put them in little bags/purses... can't see why a sling wouldn't work.

You can use these pouch slings as back carriers, too. Check out this page for fitting/instructions.