Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kid Project #5

Tomorrow at AWANA it's Crazy Hat Day. I've been racking my brain these past few days as to what I could do cheaply for my three kids to celebrate. As I was pawing around in our storage room, I happened to see this huge pile of gift wrapping items. "Sheesh... I need to declutter that mess...", I thought to myself. Wait a minute! I could use some of it to make my crazy hats!!! So here is what we came up with. I thought it fitting, seeing as how children are "gifts" and blessings from the Lord.

The materials:

Mommy being silly.

I cut the bottoms out and stuffed/taped some tissue paper on the tops.

Benjamin's hat!

Cassandra's hat!

And Arianna's hat!

RD and I's little "gifts". :-)

1 comment:

Carmine said...

LOL that last picture is so FUNNY! It made me laugh- they look so cute with bags on their heads! Good idea! :0)