Friday, September 26, 2008

Mr. Edmund's 3 months old!!!

Where on earth does the time go?! I cannot believe it's been 3 months since Edmund came into our lives. But as of (Wednesday) 9/24, he's that old. *sigh* So anyways... here's some pics of our "little" 13 lb. chunker.

Our two boys in orange.

Our two boys in stripes.
(I swear we don't do this intentionally.)

Mr. Edmund himself

He absolutely LOVES this rattle/chew-toy bear. He cuddles with it and chews on it all the time.


Let's see... developmental milestones:
1- he can roll to his side
2- he has incredible head control
3- laughs out loud
4- babbles and tries to talk
5- is starting to learn how to use his hands

Fun facts about Edmund:
1- he LOVES to stretch, esp. hands-over-the-head
2- he terribly ticklish (neck, back, and armpits)
3- just like his mom, his feet are his thermostat
4- he loves being outside
5- he prefers the Baby Bjorn over the sling (probably because he's always disliked being swaddled)
6- he simply adores Arianna; his face lights up every time he sees her (I'm sure he loves Benjamin and Cassandra, too; they just jostle him a bit past his comfort level)
7- he hates his car seat... which means he doesn't travel well
8- he will not take a pacifier
9- he burps up a lot after every meal (so watch out)
10- he had a cold now and we jokingly call him our (Darth) "Vader Baby"


Mrs.C said...

He looks so big! I guess it's been almost 3 months since we've seen him - boy do baby's change quickly! I know Matthew's itching to visit, and we're finally getting settled in here. I hope we see you soon!

Carmine said...

he's the cutest little guy! Awww!! Just wanna squeeze him! :)

iwuqueen said...

We bought that same baby swing from a garage sale last summer, before Megan was born. This past winter we put Megan in it, put some fresh batteries in ... and nothing happened. I think we got a dud, which was a real bummer. Have you guys had any problems with your swing?

MelissaD said...

Can't say we've had any problems with our swing. It's held up now for all 4 of our kids.