Monday, October 13, 2008

Computers for kids

My husband just finished building a computer for our kids to use for school!!!

What are some tried-and-true educational games, software, websites, etc. for children ages 5 and under? We already have some Scholastic phonics programs/games and I'm familiar with But beyond that?... We really don't know what's out there. That, and we don't want to invest in something only to find it was poor quality. Got any leads?

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ReaganF said...

We love

Riley's a big fan specifically of the Dragon Tales section, but they are all pretty good and have neat math, science, letter, and reading games. There's also neat coloring games and games that help teach Spanish!

Also a recent favorite of Riley's is It's a good one to help kids learn their alphabet and it's pretty neat how the letters combine to make the pictures of the animlas for every letter!