Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy 4 months!!!

Yesterday (10-24-08), Edmund turned four months!

He's learning how to use his hands, and so, is able to hold and play with toys fairly well.

Edmund and Arianna are best buds. He simply adores her! He lets her pick him up and carry him around (w/ supervision) and will just laugh and laugh at her when she does something silly.

Trying to grab at the camera.

Daddy's already teaching him about computers.

Help! I'm falling...

About Edmund:
-recognizes name
-learning to control his hands
-loves his oatmeal before bedtime
-was too big & rowdy for the cradle, and so, recently moved to a Pack-n-Play
-sleeps from 10:30pm-5:30am most nights
-still sleeps in mom & dad's bedroom
-has already outgrown some 3-6 month clothes!
-likes to talk to people (goo, nnn-gah)
-still will not take a bottle
-getting more difficult to feed him in public because he's so vocal about getting his food fast
-loves riding with mom in his Baby Bjorn; also likes the hip-hold position with the sling
-recognizes grandparents and close family & friends
-likes to sleep with a fan and his musical giraffe
-is on a regular cycle: eat- awake time- nap- eat...
-will sit and watch movies with the family
-still spits up a lot after meals
-gets hungry when he smells mom cooking
-can roll from his back to his belly
-when he gets a diaper change, for some reason he sticks his legs straight up in the air; when you pull them down he flings them right back up again (like they're spring loaded)
-very happy and content


Rachael said...

Megan never took a bottle either. She would just cry when my husband would try to get her to drink it. She simply loves her mama ... a lot!

ReaganF said...

Happy 4 moonths old, Edmund!! Can't wait to meet you!!!

Carmine said...

He's a cutie! Happy 4 month birthday!