Saturday, October 18, 2008

Prayer please

I think my thyroid is acting up again. :-( For anyone that's not familiar with hypothyroidism, check out this site and this site. Anyways... the ever so "un-fun" symptoms are cropping back up again: hair loss, depression, sluggishness, foggy mind, forgetfulness, irritability, etc. I went in to the doctor for labs back in August and they were "slightly off" but apparently not enough to warrant a medication alteration. But as time has gone on... the symptoms are fast appearing. Apparently pregnancy hormones can cause one's thyroid to malfunction. *sigh* I wasn't scheduled for another lab until December 5, but with the changing weather and the holiday's fast approaching, I just couldn't wait any longer. Praise God I was able to walk-in yesterday without an appointment and have my labs drawn. I go back to see the doctor this coming Wednesday for follow-up. Please keep me in your prayers at this time. I think the most difficult thing to contend with is the depression and irritability. Doesn't make for a happy wife and mom... I'll let you know how Wednesday's appointment goes. Thanks so much for praying for me and my family at this time.


Michelle M. said...

I will add this to our prayer list. I am sorry that you are going through this. Please let us know how your appointment goes on Wednesday.

Deven said...

How awful to be out of sorts! I'll be praying that your levels are quickly back to normal so you feel like the wonderful wife and mother you are. I'll also pray that you aren't deceived with negative thoughts while things are out of balance.