Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sewing Projects

I've really been wanting to teach Arianna how to sew, sew...
I mean, so...
A few days ago I brought out a bunch of old Christmas cards from last year, punched out holes all along the edges and threaded a large plastic needle with yarn. I basically wanted to first teach her the in and out motion of the needle. All I had to do was show her a few stitches and she was off and running. She did fantastic! We ended up going through 3 cards. The next time we bring out the sewing stuff, I'm going to try her with real needles, thread, and fabric. In the G.L.O.W. Girls club she's in (which is like a Christian Girl Scouts), Arianna will be making her own quilt! So here is Arianna as she learned to sew!

Of course, Cassandra had to try her hand at it too. :-)
All done!

Here's my latest project (while we're on the subject of sewing).
I'm making my first apron!
Here's the bottom portion.
(I wanted lining just in case spills and swipes tried to lead through.)
All the sections cut out.

One of my on-line mommy friends, Bethany, has a lot of resources on apron making. Check them out!

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Bethany said...

I can't wait to see your apron!! Thanks for linking to me! :)