Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another miscellaneous

I hate to waste.
So rather than throw away limp celery...
My mom shared a nifty trick to resurrect celery: cut the bottom of the stalks off and place in a glass of unsoftened tap water. Place in refrigerator. They come back to life within 24 hours!

My kiddos "camping out" in the living room.

Look at the sheer size of this boy! Edmund is HUGE!
Might I add, Miss Arianna is pretty strong.


I printed off a picture of a turkey and told my three oldest to replicate it artistically. Here's what they came up with using Play-doh and bobby pins:

Cassandra made "baby turkey's"

Fun with fingerpaint!

I'm signing off until after the Thanksgiving holiday. We'll be gone from Wednesday to (late) Friday visiting family in Michigan. Hope you all have a WONDERFUL and safe Thanksgiving!!!


Carmine said...

Their art projects are awesome! What a great creative activity. I knew that about celery- just like if you add blue food coloring to the water, the celery turns blue. (I think we did that in Science class when I was a kid!)

Edmond IS huge! That's a good picture to show how much he's grown!

lornabell said...

I received these wonderful turkey pictures for Thanksgiving. The kids did a great job on them, and I promptly put them on my refrigerator.
Thank you kids for helping me decorate my house.
g'ma E

Michelle Sybert said...

those photos of your little ones are so precious! isn't wonderful to watch them playing together?