Sunday, November 09, 2008

Apple Butter

It turned out fabulous!
Just like grandma D.'s!
Now that I've done it successfully, I want to make some more!
Our local orchard is open all winter long. Yea!

The ingredients.

Ready to start cooking down. I ended up only having 4 qt.s of applesauce so I had to adjust the recipe down. Still, it took at least 6 hours to cook it down to the right consistency.

Just before spooning it into the jars, we used a hand-held mixer to make it nice and smooth.

We water bathed them for 20 min.s and the lids popped/sealed as soon as we took it out of the pot. My 4 qt.s of applesauce yielded 7 pints of apple butter.

Of COURSE I had to make homemade biscuits for breakfast to try out the apple butter. Tried a new recipe here. Turned out so fluffy and yummy!

Then I HAD to make homemade wheat bread this afternoon!

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