Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Electronic sabbatical

The kids are going on a 1 week electronic sabbatical. No movies... no computer... no Wii... Nothing! Yesterday, I'd finally had it. No sooner had my kids surfaced from their nightly slumber were they asking the infamous, seemingly every 10 minute question, "Can we watch a movie?" Grrr! We hadn't even gotten dressed or eaten breakfast! Now, we hadn't gone overboard in the electronics department... and most of the stuff I let them view was "educational". But I think it was still too much. So it's on the calendar... nothing until next Tuesday (or longer)!


Deven said...

I'm sure you'll enjoy the "detox." Technology is great (and earns my family's living), but it is good to get away.

Rachael said...

We don't even have cable/satellite tv anymore, but I'm afraid we still have lots of electronics around the house ... computer, Wii, what little tv we get over the air. It's probably good to "detox" every once in a while.