Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy 5 months!

As of yesterday, 11-24-08, Mr. Edmund is 5 months old!
We cannot believe it!
Here's some pics of our "little" guy...

He just passed out right in the middle of the floor.
How he did that with all the commotion from his brother and sister's I'll never know...

When he starts sucking his thumb we know he's getting tired.

Gnawing on a pizza crust.

Mr. Edmund:
-eats oatmeal, applesauce, bananas, yogurt, Cheerios (and pizza crusts!)
-sucks his thumb when he gets sleepy
-gets up on all fours, sometimes pushing his bottom up so he's on his hands and toes
-rolls with ease
-sleeps on his tummy
-is getting too big for his carseat!
-wears 6-9 months clothes
-sorta scoots on his tummy
-still loves being outside, even if it's cold
-loves to watch movies
-loves music
-let's Arianna feed him
-has pretty decent control of his hands (so watch out!)
-loves to lay and watch our fiber optic Christmas tree
-will finally take a bottle!
-sleeps through the night most nights (from 9pm-8am)
-analyzes everything he sees; very contemplative
-very relaxed/calm personality; easy-going
-hates wearing socks; kicks them off any chance he gets
-can sit up ok with support
-when laying on his back, he lifts his legs up and grabs his toes


Carmine said...

Great pictures, Melissa! He has the cutest little face, and bright eyes!

I love the picture with him and the pizza crust :) He is TOO CUTE!

Anonymous said...

These are the cutest pictures, Mel! He looks so much like Arianna did at that age, except she wasn't as chunky. :)

- Rebekah

Michelle Sybert said...

LOL, the one of your baby asleep on the floor is priceless!!