Sunday, November 09, 2008

Highlights from Iowa and Illinois


Reagan F. and Cassandra
(It's a good look for you, Reagan *wink*)

Silly Cassandra

Caroline F. and Edmund

back: RD, Edmund, Jim F. and Caroline F.
couch: Riley F., Arianna, Cassandra, and Benjamin
floor: me and Reagan F.
Yes... there were 7 children ages 5 and under that weekend.
It was crazy but fun!
Can't wait to go back in May!


Erick D. and his son Andrew

Edmund making a hilarious expression.

Jim and Tammi P. and their 1 month old son, Tre (pronounced "tray")

P. girls and our kids:
Ashlynn P., Arianna, Laurynn P., Cassandra, and Benjamin

*Somehow Riley F. Christa D. sneaked out of getting their pics taken!

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