Sunday, November 09, 2008

Stuffed shells

On our trip to Iowa and Illinois, I decided to bring along those cheesy stuffed shells I'd mentioned in my (Sat) Oct. 25th entry. I made the cheesy filling beforehand and stored it in a freezer bag, not only for portability purposes, but also I thought it'd be easier to snip the corner of the bad and pipe it out like frosting. (I also do that with deviled egg filling, too.) Here it is! It turned out SO GOOD! And it was so simple to make.

You need to cook the shells beforehand and make sure they've had time to cool. If in a hurry, run cold water over them after draining. Don't overcook. Keep it al dente.

We made it again this weekend for some friends. This time we made a few modifications:
-instead of 1/2 tsp. salt, we threw in an entire 1 tsp.
-since there is a lot of cheese filling, we stuffed 25 shells instead
Much better!

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