Wednesday, November 12, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things...

I was inspired by Michelle's post. Thought I'd ask my own little kiddos what their favorites were. Here were their answers:

Food: Arianna- loaded baked potatoes; Benjamin- corn
Drink: A- pop; B- water
Candy: A- gum; B- peanut M & M's
Song: A- any Christmas song; B- March of the Wooden Soldiers (from Babes in Toyland)
Book: A- Garfield comics; B- Green Eggs and Ham
Movie: A- Charlotte's Web; B- Spiderman
TV show: A- Word Girl; B- Spongebob Square Pants
Color: A- dark blue; B- blue
Toy: A- fairy dolls; B- Buzz Lightyear
Instrument: A- drum; B- guitar
Friend: A- Madisyn (cousin); B- Jaden (from church)
Place to go: A- Madisyn's house; B- Amara's house (cousin)
Thing to do outside: A- swing at the park; B- swing
Thing to do with Mommy: A- make presents; B- play games
Thing to do with Daddy: A- watch movies; B- play games
Dog: A- Dusty (grandpa & grandma E's); B- Shadow (grandpa & grandma D's)
Family Member: A- Grandma E.; B- Aunt Shauna
Part of bedtime ritual: A- when Benjamin is actually quiet and let's her sleep; B- night night bear


Michelle M. said...

You copycat! :)

I love reading your kids' answers.

ReaganF said...

Ha! I am going to do this with Riley too! Cute!

Penny Raine said...

what a beautiful family, except for the hornet :(

blssings, Penny Raine