Wednesday, December 24, 2008

And I HAVE to share a few funnies...

Funny #1:
So this morning, the kids and I are sitting around the table quietly eating breakfast when I decide to seize the teachable moment to discuss the true meaning of Christmas. Here's how our conversation panned out:

Mom: So kids... tomorrow is Christmas day. Who can tell me what we are celebrating?

Arianna: (without missing a beat) Presents! We get lots of presents!!!

(Mom starts to open mouth in order to provide the correct answer)
(Arianna see's mom's mouth start to open)

Arianna: I mean... Jesus! He was born as a baby!

*smart kid.
**perhaps you had to be there. ;-)

Funny #2:
Arianna and Benjamin collectively decided that they wanted to write a Christmas story to share with the family tomorrow. It's a "Transformer's Christmas" story. I just HAD to share! (This is definitely something I'm going to keep through the coming years!)

Bumblebee and Optimus Prime With Two Hats On Sitting By The Christmas Tree Opening Presents
~by Arianna and Benjamin D.

At the Transformer's house, all the robots were eating Christmas bread with sprinkles on it, grapefruit, and orange fruit. Bumblebee was making a snowglobe for Optimus Prime. It had a snowman, two presents, and a Christmas tree with snow.

Optimus Prime was eating a robot chicken with his robot friends. But not the "airplane guy" or the "cop car guy". They are bad. They can't come to Optimus Prime's house.

Bumblebee goes to Optimus Prime's house. And the good robot girls come over, too. Their names are Rachel, Aunt Cyndi, Amy, Amara, and Auntie Shauna. The girls and Bumblebee open presents and eat candy. Rachel got lotion so she can go to the beach and not get burned. Aunt Cyndi got a necklace to make her look pretty. Amy got a purse. Amara got two rings. And Auntie Shauna got a "sweet baby Jesus". Bumblebee got an Optimus Prime poster. Optimus Prime got a Bumblebee poster (from Optimus Prime).

Then they all went to so see Jesus' birth at Bumblebee Church.

Isn't this cute?!!!

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You should read my quote from Punky when I asked him what happened on Christmas :)