Monday, December 01, 2008


Mon. 11/24: ran 2.7 mi @ 5.2 mph; speed walked .4 mi; total: 3.1 mi.
Tues. 11/25: ran 2.6 mi. @ 5.2-5.4 mph; speed walked .6 mi.; total: 3.1 mi.
Fri. 11/28: speed walked 3 mi.
Sun. 11/30: 3 mi. video w/ 3 lb. weights; 250 various sit-ups

Doing good in the exercise department. Portion-size department... not so good. -sigh- I just don't know why it is SO HARD to control how much I eat. I'll be doing good for several days in a row and then I start slipping back into old habits. By my eating habits, I'm thwarting the hard work I'm doing with exercising. I'm not eating bad... just too much. And I like my carbs... :-/ My prayer today has been that God would develop the "fruit" of self-control in my life. I know my body is His temple and I need to be taking good care of it. But only He can truly help me control what enters my body... I fail in my own strength.

I've revamped my daily schedule as well. The early AM thing just was an absolute no-go. I tried and failed miserably. I used to be an early bird, but my husband has slowly been converting me into a night owl. So after the kiddos are tucked into bed, I throw on my tennis shoes. While I'm exercising, RD gets his much needed "alone time" to relax from a hard day. I take a shower after my workout (yeah, another thing I don't have to do in the AM) and we can still have time together as a couple before heading to bed. It's been forcing me to work more diligently during the day to make sure all chores and cleaning are completed because I desperately covet the time I spend with RD in the evenings. I don't want anything cutting into that time! So when morning comes, I get up at 7:15am, have my quiet time with God, get dressed to my shoes, and by 8am I am ready to go! This new schedule is working marvelously!

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Deven said...

Just wanted to offer some encouragement. It's smart of you to change your schedule to what fits you now instead of doing something (or NOT doing something :) because it used to work. I'm right there with you in wanting to develop more of that fruit. Fight on!