Monday, December 01, 2008

A revelation...

Ever seen or tasted one of these? It's a Wendy's Spicy Go-Wrap. Not much to it. A slab of spicy chicken meat, a little bit of shredded cheese and lettuce, and a splash of Ranch Dressing. Seemingly harmless... or so I thought.

On Monday's, I do secretarial work for my husband. When he took me out to lunch at Wendy's, my choices of healthy foods were limited: baked potato, chili, or salad. Hmmm. So in the spirit of branching out, I decided to choose the next most seemingly harmless option... a Go-Wrap. As I was waiting for my order to come up, I was (conveniently?) standing next to this huge poster of nutrition facts. As my eyes perused the menu item list, I was absolutely shocked! ONE Go-Wrap is 320 calories/16 grams of fat! Before I started running, these numbers meant very little to me. But the treadmill doesn't lie. (Just like the scale, eh?) When I run 3 miles, I burn approximately 250 calories. 250!!! And ONE Go-Wrap is 320!!! I couldn't believe it! I'd seriously have to run over 3 miles to burn off just one of those little suckers! I ate it... but I had a hard time enjoying it. Next time I'll order a baked potato, chili, or salad... ;-)

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Carmine said...

McDonalds has the GRILLED ones- all the calories comes from that deep fried breading! Yeah, calories mean a lot when you are working out, but think of how many calories you burn chasing those kids all day! :)

I thought I was making healthy choices in getting a fat free bran muffin for breakfast, but now I realized they're about 490-550 calories! In NYC, they made it a law that any food place with multiple locations has to print the calories for every item. Starbucks is now a terrifying place! The calories are printed beside every item, and it's shocking how many calories can be in a drink!