Monday, January 19, 2009

Weight loss journey

I'm now at 140 lbs!!!
I was 138 lbs. when I got pregnant with Edmund.
So yea!

One thing that frustrates me is my perpetual baby "pooch". It's just loose... which I suppose can happen when one pops out four babies in 5-1/2 yrs. Anybody got any ideas on how to be rid of it?! I already do crunches, but are there any really good exercises I could be doing that would target this problem area?


ReaganF said...

Congratulations!! You look amazing!

sonya said...

Yay! congrats! That's pretty amazing.

No idea on the baby pooch...I suppose just keep working out. :)

midwife said...

Have you heard about the Lose your Mummy Tummy, splint, book and cd and website? It sounds promising.

Carmine said...

Wow! Congratulations! You've done an AWESOME job working out and getting back to pre-pregnancy weight! Your hard work is sure paying off!

And pooch? What pooch?!