Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fun with color!

The other day the kids and I were talking about colors. On the fly, I decided to show them that you can combine colors to make new colors. They were just absolutely astonished that I could combine yellow and blue food dye and make green. And red and blue to make purple. Etc. It was so fun mixing and matching and guessing and observing. They were truly fascinated! What took the cake was that I poured the colored water in their cups and they got to drink it for lunch. They just thought that was SO cool and they swore the water tasted better! Ha ha ha. Fun times. I love the freshness of the spirit of a child. Everything is new. Everything is exciting. Everything is an adventure. What a pleasure it has been to relive the joys of childhood. To pull away the curtain of familiarity and see life through new eyes.


Sandra Leigh said...

Since your kiddos loved the color water thing, try leaving celery sticks or carnations in colored water over a few days.
The celery will soak up the colored water and have colored stripes. The tips of white carnations will turn the color of the water you put them in.

MelissaD said...

My daughter, Arianna, is having her 6th birthday next month and RD's going to buy her a bunch of white carnations... 1) because she's a hopeless romantic, and 2) so we can have more fun with color! She'll be thrilled!