Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Homemade cold care tea!

I've had a growing interest in herbal remedies for some time now. Here's a really good (and simple!) cold care tea recipe that's been working wonderfully to clear up my sinus infection. And you probably have these ingredients right on hand.

*Note, I am not giving medical advice. I am only sharing what has worked with me in regard to herbal use. Please seek the advice of a licensed medical practitioner if you have any questions or concerns.*

Cold Care Tea
(for sinus congestion/infection)
*makes approx. 3 cups tea

1 qt. boiling hot water
grate a 1 in. piece of fresh ginger root (can substitute w/ 1 tsp. ground ginger)
4 Tbl. lemon juice
3 Tbl. honey
While boiling water, combine grated (or ground) ginger, lemon juice, and honey into a thermos. Add 1 qt. boiling hot water, stir. Cover and let steep for 20 minutes. Strain (if using grated ginger root) and enjoy! Spicy and sweet!
-Consume all three cups over the course of 1 day.
-Drink daily until symptoms are relieved.

At first, all this tea did was make my nose run. I still was having painful sinus pressure, headache, etc. But rather than give in and take ibuprophen or some other OTC drug, I stuck with it and drank my tea. By that evening, my sinus' finally started to clear up. Even when I laid down, which is usually when my sinus pressure worsens, it wasn't bothersome. And when I woke up, I could actually breathe!!! First time in 3+ weeks! So I'm drinking my tea again today and I feel so much better. Not 100% yet. But MUCH better. And considering the ingredients, I'd gather to say that it's probably safe to consume during pregnancy and/or while lactating. It hasn't seemed to bother Edmund one bit. Try it next time you get sinus congestion/infection. I'd love to hear if it worked for you!


Rachael said...

My mom often made us homemade hot lemonade that is similar to your tea when I was sick as a kid. I just mix as much lemon juice as I can stand in a mug with water and sweeten it with honey. The ginger sounds like a good idea.

Cyndi said...

Jamie woke up yesterday with worse than normal sinus pressure, so I made him some of this. He liked the taste, but found the ginger powder I had "gritty." I think I'm going to get some fresh ginger and try that. Do you grate it? Or chop it? Or throw it in whole??


MelissaD said...

Cyndi, you chop off about 1 in. of root and grate it. I just use my metal cheese grater, but next time I'm wanting to try my mini food processor. I like it better with fresh root. Just strain it before drinking. ;-) You may also want to try adding a bit of cayenne pepper (enough to break a sweat).


Michelle M. said...

I am definitely going to make this first thing in the morning. Thanks!

MelissaD said...

Another use for this tea is relieving nausea symptoms associated with early pregnancy. I'm making a batch of this everyday and keeping it cool in the fridge to drink.

Another way to drink this tea would be to refrigerate it until cool then add sparkling water or club soda to give it some bubbly. Also, another great tummy soother.