Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Homeschool reading

Everyday at school, we've been making it a habit of reading 1+ chapters of our Narnia book. The kids and I are totally enjoying it! I was thinking that the language would be too far above what a 5 and 4 year old could grasp. But I was wrong! The get it! And they love it!

We just finished:

We're now starting:

And for some reason, my children have been obsessed as of late with the story of Peter Pan. It's really quite a hoot to watch them do reenactments. Benjamin will don his green PJ's to play the part of Peter Pan. Arianna will put on her blue nightgown and play the part of Wendy. Cassandra will be one of the lost boys. And even little Edmund takes part in the magic (unbeknownst to him) as Wendy's little brother, Michael. I found The Adventures of Peter Pan by J M Barrie online as a free e-book. If anyone's interested, you can read the book here. So... we've added a chapter a day of Peter Pan to our homeschool mix as well.

It has been a true joy to see my children take to books so well. They truly are enjoying it. And you can bet that as soon as we're done reading a chapter, they're off playing in the Land of Pretend. It's awesome to watch.

Can't wait to read more tomorrow!

Have any of you ever heard of paperbackswap.com? IT IS AWESOME!!! For the price of postage, you swap books with people all over! Once you swap, you can either keep the book or swap it back to someone else! RD and I listed over 40 books last night and while we were listing them, 4 books were already being flagged as "wanted". When someone wants a book you listed, you print out the mailing label right off the website and off you go to the post office to see it off. Everytime someone receives one of your books, you get a credit and you can then pick out a book you want. You have to initially post 10 books and you immediately get two credits. We are so excited! We've got our sights set on children's books and homeschool books! You have GOT to check it out. There's also a DVD-Swap linked to the website if you're interested in that as well.


Rachael said...

I still remember my brother and one of his friends reading the Narnia books when they were in first and second grades ... still very young. Their class at school had some kind of incentive for kids to read as many books as possible, and while other kids were reading shorter picture books more on their grade level, they were plowing through the Narnia series and loving it. So I can totally see how your kiddos would love the Narnia books as well.

Anonymous said...

Despite the name, Paperbackswap takes all books, not just paper backs.

I'm glad the kids are enjoying the reading so much!


MelissaD said...

Rebekah- Good point! I forgot to mention that! Thanks.

ReaganF said...

Riley is all into Peter Pan too. I'm going to try to borrow the original book from the library and see if she is interested in it being read aloud to her. I showed it to her the last time we were at the library, and she wasn't interested because it wasn't the 'right' Peter Pan (aka the Disney version). Sigh. I think I am going to have to get a little more insistant on reading some classic literature to her!