Saturday, February 28, 2009

Peter Pan costume progress

Well, I got the leaf skirt sewn (completely by hand).
Here's what it looks like:

(This is a view from the front.)
If the snaps don't stay on through wear & tear, I've got plans to use velcro.



I also have plans in the making for a vest, hat with a red feather, and brown shoes to complete the costume. But for now, I'm taking a breather to work on a sewing project for my girlfriend (who's expecting her first child in two weeks). It's OH so cute! Unfortunately, I can't share progress pics until it's complete and she gets them. Don't want her getting a sneak peek here! ;-)

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MelissaD said...

Arianna borrows this from time to time so she can be Tinkerbell. Multi-purpose. Gotta love it!