Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Getting rid of an ear infection

RD and I have been dabbling into the realm of alternative medicine/herbal remedies for the last year or so. For anyone interested, I'd like to share how we treat ear infections in our home.

Garlic has long been used for medicinal purposes. We, too, have found it quite useful in curing bacterial infections of various kinds. I'm not a doctor so if you have any questions and/or concerns, please consult your physician. Just sharing what has worked for us.

Step 1: make garlic oil.
I just buy fresh garlic cloves from the grocer and crush them into a small bowl. I usually use about 5 cloves. Add enough olive oil until...

Step 2: ... it looks like this. (approx. 3 tbls)
Stir well and let set on counter for at least an hour.

Step 3: strain the oil.
I just use paper towel.

I dump the garlic off of the paper towel and use it for cooking later. The oil?... That's what I use to treat the ear infection.

Step 4: apply liberally to the outer ear.
Apply to any part of the ear that is exposed. I soak a Q-tip and wipe the garlic oil all over... behind the ear, around the jaw, down into the neck area, etc. (Please make sure that the oil is body temperature!) The garlic soaks into the skin tissue immediately and begins its work at killing off the infection. Don't worry... it does not hurt as it absorbs.

I apply the garlic oil 3-4 times daily. We see ear infections clear up in about 24 hours! Just to be on the sure side, we go ahead and apply it for 2-3 days afterward just to make sure it's completely gone.

Stinks to high heaven but works so well.
We call our children "little stir fry" when they're getting the
Garlic Treatment. :-)

Has anyone else used garlic for medicinal purposes?


Kendra at New Life On A Homestead said...

This is really interesting!! I've been wondering about herbal remedies for ear infections. When my daughter was a baby I worked in a daycare with her; she had chronic ear infections from being sick so often, and the doc's wanted to put tubes in her ears. I refused, telling him I'd be staying home with her soon and I was hoping that would keep her well. She never had another ear infection again. But my son, he's had a couple and I really hate giving antibiotics. Thanks so much for sharing what has been working for you. I will definitely try it. And, if you don't mind, I'm going to link to this post to share with others. Thanks so much!!

The Koozers said...

Looks like we're traveling very similar roads! I look forward to getting together soon.

The Koozers said...

Looks like we're traveling similar roads. I look forward to getting together soon and hope everyone is feeling better quickly!