Thursday, April 02, 2009

Pestincides OFF (continued)

Thanks so much for all the comments and recommendations concerning the removal of pesticides from produce. I know veggie washes do not remove ALL pesticides, but it is certainly better than merely rinsing. Like "New Life on a Homestead", we too are on a limited food budget so it is financially impossibly for us to afford going organic at this time. Here is an article that is a highly recommended read about preparing a produce wash.

We're also going to try and go organic on our garden this year. *fingers crossed* Here's our line-up:

-cherry tomatoes

-canterbury bells

What are some non-pesticidal (is that a word?) ways to keep the critters and bugs off your crops? We've had just a HORRIBLE time with squash bugs, especially, in the past.


Rachael said...

The bunny population where we live is out of control, and I've found that products like Deer Off or Bobbex work well to keep the critters at bay. The active ingredients are things like "putrescent eggs" so I'm guessing it would be pretty safe. Not sure you want to apply it on veggies, though. I have to apply it a couple times each season and the stuff stinks to high heaven, so be prepared to hold your nose while you spray.

Sandra Leigh said...

Hi Mel,
I know I hardly ever comment, but I always read your blog and I really enjoy all that you share. You are a blessing.