Monday, April 13, 2009

Sewing Projects

I'm here, really I am!!! :-)

Here's how that "K" onesie turned out. Give it another wash or two and the frays will look even neater! I loved the idea so much that I made some more for "Baby K" in 3-6 month sized onesies.

And for those of you just dying to know what Rebekah had....

A BOY!!!
Kal Michael M.
born: 3-17-09 (St. Patty's day!)
@: 7:55am
9-1/2 lbs.
22 in. long
Gently birthed at home with a midwife.
Here's me lovin' on my new "nephew" just hours after he was born.
Momma and baby!
Proud dad!
Yea! And here's baby Kal sportin' his way cool "K" onesie!


On the subject of sewing projects...
I've been teaching Arianna how to sew!

Here's her first sewing project: sewing a button.
Here's her second project: an Easter ornament.
I gave her some extras of my sewing supplies so she now has her own sewing stash... to which she is thrilled to have! She loves sewing... and she's pretty darn good at it to (if I might add).
I'm so proud of you, honey!

Here's a quick project that I just finished. There is this hideous gap under our microwave cart that reveals a tangled, gnarled mass of electrical cords. Drives me nuts every time I look at it. So... I covered it up! ;-) I was able to quickly hand sew three little "curtains" that I nailed to the bottom of the cart. I then glued on buttons (I LOVE the blue on brown look!) to cover the nails and give it a little more aesthetic appeal. Here's what it looks like.

Much better!

More sewing projects to show coming up!
(Did I mention that I am REALLY loving to hand sew?!!!)


Emily L said...

So you're seriously sewing all these projects by hand? No machine at all? Wow... you've got more patience than me, woman! I used to enjoy sewing (and sometimes still do) but i can't handle doing any project by hand unless it's putting on a button! :)

The curtains are very cute and functional! Great idea! I've got a half put together shopping bag that's been laying around for months that i just can't seem to get back to!

Anonymous said...

Those little cart curtains are so cute! Great job, Mel!

- Rebekah