Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gardening (II)

I am soooo excited to be planting an organic garden this year!!!

Yesterday, my garden was tilled (yippie!) and I immediately planted garlic and spearmint. Apparently tomato bugs and mice do not like the smell of spearmint. (I wondered why we didn't have to spray our tomatoes last year.) So... I took several cuttings of spearmint, planted them in several separate containers (they spread like mad if not contained), and then buried those containers strategically around the garden. Garlic was buried in one corner.

Today, the kids and I planted cherry tomatoes (we sprouted indoors) & lettuce seeds.

Next up: marigolds around the perimeter.
Keeps out bunnies and deer.

My major concern is squash bugs. They're absolutely horrendous. I'm looking into organic ways to keep them off. I'm hoping that taking a year off from squash and moving my garden will help this year. If you have any suggestions, PLEASE SHARE! I really do NOT want to use pesticides if I can avoid it!

Still to come:
-summer squash
-Canterbury Bells

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