Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My plan of attack!

After doing some research and talking things over with my handsome hubby *grin*, I've decided to do the following in regard to dealing with squash bugs:

1- plant a "trap crop"~ which we did this evening. I planted crookneck yellow summer squash (the bugs' favorite) where our old garden used to lie.

2- plant our real squash crop as late a possible

3- around our real crop, we're going to plant companion crops of nasturtiums, marigolds, and peppermint to organically drive as many squash bugs away as possible... driving them toward the trap crop

4- if/when we see squash bug eggs, nymphs, or adults growing and devouring the squash vines on the trap crop, we plan on dousing the plants with gasoline, oil, etc. and setting it on FIRE!!!

(Burn the suckers!!!)

We'll see if our plans succeed this year. Keep everyone posted!

1 comment:

Mrs.C said...

I personally find that plan HILARIOUS. You show those suckers :)