Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Squash Bugs

*ugh... I HATE this nasty critters!!!*

Organic Control: There are few if any effective organic control options for squash bug. However, natural enemies of the squash bug include Tachinid fly, Trishopoda pennipes and Sceleonids, Eumicrosoma spp. These biological control options may prove useful. Sabadilla may provide some control and is organic certified.

... not what I like to hear...

This was a bit more promising:

Also, another interesting/helpful read:

Trap them?:

Nasturtiums was also suggested:

And also: radishes and Petunias.

This at least gives me some direction. I'm planning on taking a trip to the local greenhouse to purchase peppermint anyway, so I'll ask them what they think.

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