Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Garden update

1- the only things that did not make it were my garlic, lettuce, and marigolds. (I have no proof, but I am almost certain it was the True Lawn guy and his chemicals getting too close to the garden. He should know better. But it's just uncanny that I lost my crops along the edge. Grrr.)
2- Trap Crop is growing very well. No squash bug eggs yet. (If they're not a problem this year we are going to have a HUGE crop of squash come harvest time!)
3- found a fantastic recipe online for homemade weed killer. Hope to try it this week!
4- I thought I lost my carrots, but they're finally starting to sprout! They look like this:
5- ended up also putting in lavender, calendula, and money plants.
6-was surprised to see a volunteer tomato plant sprouting amongst the carrots. Can't wait to see what it'll produce!
7- still going organic!

It has been so fun and rewarding putting together my garden this year! And what a learning experience it's been for the children as well! I'll have to take some pics and post them for y'all!

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