Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Front view:
We tried picking different types of tomatoes to plant so they'd ripen at different times of the season, but unfortunately, it looks like they'll all be ready at the same time! My mother in law and I are already planning out our canning process. Salsa- YES! (Let me tell you a little secret about salsa making- use margarita salt rather than plain salt.)

Side view:
Tomatoes & peas up front.
Squash and flowers in back.

Back view:

A pumpkin.

A baby watermelon.
Isn't it cute?!

In the back: Nasturtiums
Middle: watermelon
Front: marigolds

My row of Naturtiums between my squash rows.
(Next year, I'll give them a bit more sprawl space!)

Back: pumpkin & some hybrid volunteer squash thing
Front: spearmint, marigold, calendula

Arianna's pink begonias.

They didn't take to the dowel rods.
Next year we'll use chicken wire.

Here's some of our crookneck yellow summer squash and one of those hybrid squash things. I'm drying out some of our peas to use in next year's garden.

Here's a random/unrelated photo taken yesterday.
Our kids wanted to "camp out" so here's their site.
The hula hoop with sticks is their "fire pit".
The bike is their "car".
It was actually a really fun day yesterday at "camp". We basically spent the ENTIRE day outside. We even did school outside.


Michelle M. said...

Wow- that is seriously impressive!!

ReaganF said...

Wow! Look so great!! And no weeds! That totally impresses me because the weeds have taken over my garden and are driving me nutty!! :-)

Carmin said...

the garden is HUGE! And I am lovin the kids' campsite!

Deven said...

Our tomatoes act like they're painted green. We've had two turn red, and the rest are decidedly sutbborn.

MelissaD said...

We ate that watermelon. Oh my goodness! NOTHING like store bought! SOOO much better! We've got another one that looks like it'll be ready soon. We can't wait! Took the seeds from our watermelon and dried them for next summer!