Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Ramblings... :-)

I was noticing this morning whilst grocery shopping (still lovin' my Ergo!) another amazing transformation that God has produced in me. Things like laundry, grocery shopping, washing dishes, sorting baby clothes, decluttering/organizing, etc. used to annoy me to no end. Annoy and overwhelm. To the point where I would keep putting them off, putting them off, etc. until I was staring at an insurmountable task. It's embarrassing to admit this, but I would let things pile up (dishes and laundry especially) until they were literally climbing the wall. It would get to the point to where we had nothing to eat with or wear because everything was dirty. (I am not joking! Anyone who knew me then could attest!) Then I HAD to tackle the problem... and grumble the ENTIRE time. (Oh woe is me!) I felt like such a martyr. Ugh. It disgusts me to even relive some of those memories. Part of it was that I just didn't have a manageable system in place. But a HUGE part of it was my attitude. It just drove me nuts that we could produce such a mess! And that I was the unlucky one that had to clean it up!

Fast forward to today... As I was grocery shopping I found myself finding great joy in filling my cart. I'm sure a lot of people take one look at our weekly consumption and shake their heads with the thought "I just couldn't imagine...". But I find joy in it! This food will be consumed by my family, the ones I love, my own flesh and blood. This food will provide life and strength! As I was pondering more on this thought later today, I started thinking about laundry. Once again, people would probably stare in disbelief at the amount of laundry a family of 6 produces. I used to grumble and complain, but today I find joy! Dishes filling the sink after every meal? Mouths were filled. We don't go without. God blesses. Our home is filled with LIFE! It's moving. It's active. It changes. It grows. And I love it! God has blessed our home with LIFE!

It's to the point now where I can't imagine being alone (I don't WANT to imagine!) Where I used to need a LOT of alone time, now I don't like it much at all... (at least for long stretches *grin*). Seriously though. It's eerie. Stagnant. Too quiet.

I am just full today with joy in the life that God has given our family. Dishes, laundry, etc. may still frustrate and overwhelm me, but it means there is LIFE in the family! Blessed souls given from my Creator God. How awesome!

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Anonymous said...

A very good, and thought-provoking post.

You have really changed for the better through your marriage and having children!

- Rebekah